Betsoft Slots are of the Highest Quality

Betsoft slots are some of the most popular in the industry, and it doesn't really take long to see why. With plenty in the way of variety, easy access and dozens of themes from which to choose, this provider goes all out when it comes to playing the pokies.

When it comes to Betsoft online slots games, the company uses its own proprietary software as a starting point. This software closely resembles that which is used to produce animated movies and this is what provides the high quality graphics, animations and sounds that users have come to expect. Many different types of people are involved in the development process including designers, artists, animators, musicians, and more. Then, once everything has been completely put together and finalized, the games themselves are delivered to online casinos - and therefore the end users - via Flash technology. In the case of the 3D slots for which the company is famous, the package in which the technology is delivered is compressed so that the end user experiences quicker loading times. This company has even developed what is referred to as Betcafe, which is a gaming technology that allows each player who wants to access the site through a hotel, coffee shop or other public location to use a one-time guest login for increased security.

There are more than 150 games offered by this provider and though this is far less than companies like Microgaming and Playtech, the games produced by Betsoft are arguably of some of the best quality possible. There are Betsoft slots available for almost any platform imaginable and these include iPhones, Android mobile phones, tablets run with iOS or Android systems, BlackBerries and even Windows phones. Aside from this, the company allows a well-respected third party company known as Technical Systems Testing to audit their RNG (Random Number Generator) software on a regular basis so as to ensure the complete randomness of the outcome of any game, slots included. When it comes to the security of the individual casino, including the transactions that take place there, players should keep in mind that this falls to the actual proprietor.