The History of Slot Machines and its rise to Stardom

From its creation up to its rise in popularity and becoming one of the most entertained game in the waging industry today - the history of slot machines is undeniably an intriguing one that has managed to pique the interest of countless wagers across the globe. It is unquestionably exciting to know how one device has managed to transform so stunningly in a set of variations that's even hard to count nowadays.

The history of slot machines started when two men named Sittman and Pitt, created a simple machine at the town of Brooklyn in New York, year 1891. This was deemed as the first machine ever created that is viewed as the first predecessor that equated to the rise of the machines we know of today. The machine the two created was based on the table poker game which is already prevalent back in the days, The structure of the machine contained fifty cards and with a nickel and a push of a lever, the machine will randomly create a hand that be either give you a win or lose. Unfortunately, the game back then can become a complete cheat as the establishment can organize the machine as it likes. Nonetheless, it became renowned on many places back in the days.

On 1895, a German known as 'Charles Augustus Fey' managed to improve the known machine from Pitt and Sittman, creating a machine that can finally release payouts for each poker hand that a user receives in a game. It was named Liberty Bell and from then on, it gave birth to other kinds of machines like the Card Bell still produced by Fey. They differ in payouts and as time went by, the developments of this kind of machine continued in the 20th century, giving rise to notable games like the Operator Bells, The line of games included in the silent games of 1930, different themes like Lion Head, Castlefront and more, along with other improvements. The game continued to evolve and as it entered a new era, new variations with higher payouts, more complex bets and systems were made, equating to the slots we know of today.