Slots Games have Many Features

Players who want to learn about slots should take the time to learn about the slots scatter symbol. This is the symbol that can lead to many great things including free spins with multipliers, jackpots, side games and much, much more. These symbols undoubtedly lead to higher payouts whether directly or indirectly, so players should take the time to familiarize themselves with the scatter symbol for any given slot before they sit down to play. Here, players will find all of the nuances and special effects of scatter symbols explained in a way that makes them easier than ever to understand. This means that, before long, players will be able to win more money with their favorite slots games than ever before.

The icon that is the scatter symbol is one that is themed along with the game in most cases. This symbol is different from the others in the sense that it doesn't necessarily have to appear in an active payline in order to provide results. Sometimes, three scatter symbols is all that is needed to trigger free spins. However, if the player gets four or five scatters anywhere on the screen, he or she is likely to win more free spins and higher multipliers. In some games, the positioning of the scatters can lead to a side game in which the player is instructed to make a choice in order to win. Side games are always different, but they do provide a nice break from the spinning of the reels and the chance to win more money.