Why Bonus Games are Important during Slots Play

When a gambler is interested in selecting a slot machine, he or she should consider two things: the pay table associated with the machine and the bonus games that the slot offers. Each of these things can have a significant impact on the amount of money that a player can win over time. While some slots' combination of pay table and bonus rounds are only for players who are willing to take significant risks, others are set up in such a way so that players can enjoy hours and hours of playtime with a relatively small bankroll and still come close to breaking even at the end of the session. To put it simply, some of these games provide a chance to really win big but are triggered infrequently; others are triggered more frequently but provide much smaller wins.

The first of the slot bonus games that players should be familiar with is the free spins round. Essentially, the player will be required to collect a number of scatter symbols on the screen or line up certain symbols across an active payline in order to take advantage of this round. When triggered, players will receive between 10 and 20 free spins, on average. Some slots will allow the free spins to be retriggered if the criteria are met during the free spins; others negate this and instead offer a multiplier if the same combination is made again during this time.

The second of the games that the player should be familiar with is the second screen bonus round. This round will vary from slot to slot, but it usually requires the player to make a simple selection in order to be awarded a prize. In some cases, for instance, a player may be presented with nine 'symbols' and be asked to choose three. As long as the player doesn't run into a 'stopper', he or she can continue to click three of the symbols and reap the rewards they provide. In other second-screen games, wins are guaranteed since there are no 'stoppers'. This is usually only true with the slots with hard-to-trigger bonus rounds.