The Most Famous Type of Slots Games

Microgaming slots are incredibly popular among Canadian gamblers for many different reasons. These slots games provide endless customization for players, allowing them to choose from a wide range of betting options, graphics options, sounds, speed of play and much, much more. The way in which users set up their Microgaming online slots games is up to personal preference, but after learning about the options that are available, they should have a much better experience when choosing their preferences. To get started, the player will need to locate the 'Options' tab from within the slot game itself.

The first of the two tabs under 'Options' is the 'General' tab. There are three options here: Quick Spin, Game Sounds, and Background Sounds. Quick Spin allows players to set the speed at which the reels spin, allowing players to play more games per minute and thereby win more. The Game Sounds option allows players to set the sounds associated with the spinning of the reels, the sounds made when the reels stop, and even the sounds that occur when certain combinations are made. Finally, the Background Sounds option allows players to adjust the volume of, or even turn off, the ambient music that plays in the background of the game. These are all things that players should have access to in order to make their gameplay all their own.

The last tab under the Options is different depending upon the chosen Microgaming slots. In some games, the player can choose whether to display the currency chosen as coins or credits. Players should choose the option that makes them feel most comfortable here. In some cases, players can gamble their winnings after spins with a Double or Nothing or even a Quadruple or Nothing feature. Here, players can select whether or not they would like to turn this feature off and enjoy the slots without it. Players can also set slots to 'Autoplay'. Here, the player selects the coin to wager, the number of paylines to wager on, and even the number of coins to wager per payline. Then, after selecting a number of spins, the Autoplay feature allows the player to sit back and relax while wins are collected.