Understanding the Importance of Slots Pay Tables

These days, when it comes to online slot machines, the player often overlooks the slots pay tables. This can be a bad idea because different slot machines offer different odds and therefore different payouts. All the player is required to do is deposit some money, choose a few betting options and then watch the reels as they spin. If the player wins on any spin, the machine automatically calculates the amount of this win and then pays the player accordingly. The player does not have to verify that he or she was paid out correctly; everything is done with meticulously developed software that ensures each and every payout is precise and exact. So, why should players review the pay tables before they spin the reels?

The pay table for any given slot machine can generally be accessed by clicking the 'Pay Table' button which is located somewhere on the screen or even the 'Help' button. Once accessed, players will see the various symbols associated with the slot machine as well as the payouts associated with lining up certain symbols on any active payline. Slots are all designed differently, and there are some slots that are considered high risk while others are considered low risk. A low risk slot is one that pays out only moderate amounts but pays out frequently enough that losses are minimized. Conversely, a high risk slot is one that pays out large amounts of money infrequently, causing the player to lose larger amounts of money between wins.

Another way in which a slot machine developer will alter the slots pay tables is by offering frequent low payouts and very few large payouts. When this occurs, it can be assumed that the larger wins will almost always come from the bonus games--and these will be difficult to trigger in such a case. These slots are designed for players who are willing to take larger risks in order to win bigger prizes. Slots paytables vary quite a bit from machine to machine, and a player should always take the time to review this table prior to playing at a new machine in order to make sure that the potential payouts meet his or her requirements.