Features and Differences between Slots

When Canadian gamblers venture into online casinos, they will likely notice that the slot machines fall under several categories. Video slots are among the most popular slots because they feature great graphics, many paylines, plenty of exciting side games and more. They differ from classic slots because classic slots offer only three reels and a maximum of three paylines. While this may seem simple enough, there is more to understanding slot machines - especially video slots.

Understanding slot machines is important if players are to understand the ways in which their wins are generated. Each slot has a set number of reels and paylines. While video slots commonly have between nine and 25 paylines, some may have more than 1000. Each payline presents a new way to win, and players can choose how much money they want to wager on each payline and even how many paylines they want to play per spin. This makes gameplay more exciting and allows players of all budget levels to enjoy themselves.

Players can find all of the winning combinations that will produce wins for any given slot in the payout table, and this is usually located under the help menu. Each combination will have a number listed and this is the payout that will be received when the combination is completed. For instance, if three cherries have a payout of 25, then the player will get a payout of 25 coins for each coin he or she wagered on that spin. Determining payouts is simple in this manner.

Another part of understanding slot machines is the wild symbols and scatters. Wild symbols can be used to complete winning combinations, but they may only do so if they are found on the right reels. Scatter symbols, on the other hand, are usually what triggers free spins or bonus games. The number of scatter symbols on the screen or their locations on the reels will help to determine the number of free spins that the player has won or the number of attempts that he or she will get to successfully complete a side game.